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What Do You Do When You Wake Up One Day & See Wrinkles You Never Noticed Before

There are things in life that we notice but doesn't really capture our attention. We’ve probably seen a wrinkle and thought it was a typical sign of aging. But then one day you notice that what you see in the mirror doesn’t match what you feel on the inside. You try to continue with your daily routine but the wrinkles you see still bother you.


This is the typical story we hear with patients that come in for a consultation at A’nis Aesthetics. They are not wanting to turn back the hands of time to look but rather seeking a renewed and refreshed look 20 years old again that allows them to feel comfortable in their skin.

Aging is a Disease Process

The natural aging process changes each layer of our face starting with the bone, it’s deepest support structure. Our bones are actually shrinking or reabsorbing. On top of the bone is fat, muscle, and another layer of fat. The fat layers in our face shrink and collect in unwanted areas. The muscles of our face become bulky and stronger in some areas while in others become weaker.


The skin loses collagen all on its own starting before our 20s. Our years of sun exposure and other stressors causes even further breakdown of the skin. The culmination of all these changes is what you see when you look in the mirror. Therefore, our approach is to incorporate Botox in conjunction with medical grade skin care and advanced facial treatments.


We go for the Natural Look Never Overdone

BOTOX is not a quick fix, since takes time for the product to activate and block the nerve messages and relax the injected muscles. The smoothing effect appears about appear a few days after the injections have relaxed the muscles in the treatment area. We typically recommend waiting two weeks to see how the muscle fully took to the Botox injections before determining if more Botox is needed. 

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